Transition from AA to PHS Notifications July 1st 2019

On July 1st, 2019, all user interfaces will be transitioned to the PlanetHS branded user interface. Rest assured that the underlying software that you are accustomed to using on ArbiterAthlete branded pages is the same being utilized by the PlanetHS interface. Any existing pre-participation paperwork, eligibility forms, transfers, fees, coach certifications, and other Athletic based information will still be there after the transition.

This change in branding is intended to minimize confusion when seeking support. Now, the appropriate resources to seek support will be obvious by the branding, either PlanetHS or ArbiterSports, of the page.
With July fast approaching, we know that schools are engaged in preparing materials for the upcoming school year. With this in mind, we wanted to update you with some information regarding how and where parents and students will log in and or create accounts after the transition on July 1st.

After July1st, the parents and students who already have accounts on should log in at Their username and password will be the same as it was for

Any new parents or students signing up should do so at

However, if they go to and log in they will be redirected to the school on and not have to sign in again. Technically any accounts created or logged into from either or will end up in the same place. It continues to be the same, single code base, but the template interface will be set to the PlanetHS type on July 1st.

We recommend that any information going out concerning logging in or creating accounts after July 1st and for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year be pointed to

The navigation to the forms and account linking will be the same.