How do I add a coach to Coach Management?

There are three different ways to add coaches to Coach management and assign them permissions.

1. Use the Coach Management module to invite them using their email address (mobile numbers do not work).
a. They do not need the email invite to create an account. However, if they click the link in the email it will take them to the signup page and populate the email used to invite them into the account creation process.

b. Once invited they can simply create an account using the email address the invite was sent to.

c. If they already have an account, simply send the invite to the email address they used to create the account.

d. You can resend an invite by clicking on the paper airplane icon to the right of any coach who has not yet accepted an invite.

2. Use the Member List section to add permissions to an already created teacher account.

a. Find the user on the member list and click the green [+] to the right of their name.

b. Add the necessary permissions.

c. Once permissions are added they will show on the Coach Management grid view.

d. You may need to remove a duplicate unaccepted invite from Coach Management if a duplicate account appears. Click the person Icon to the left of their name to remove the unaccepted invite.

3. Use the Member List section to create a user account.

a. Scroll to the bottom and click Create Account.

b. This will send them an email and give them their login credentials.

c. Use the green [+] to assign permissions.

The email the receive reads thusly:

[Coach Name], you have been invited to PlanetHS

[Your Name] has added you to PlanetHS. Please log in and update your account information as some details were created using default information.

Name: [Coach Name]
Email/Login: [Email address entered]
Password: planeths

Click here to login to PlanetHS

Any of the above options will allow them access to coach management and add them to your administrative coach management overview.