What happens on July 1st?

The system will promote each student up one grade level. If they were in 8th grade, we will promote them to 9th grade. The students' homeschool remains the same. The students are responsible for updating their homeschool. Only the " grade" field updates, not their school. There isn't a methodical way to know which high school or at what grade the middle school students would need to be moved to a particular high school since there are infinite combinations of grade levels within a particular school/district. IE) K-12, 5-8, 6-9, 5-9, etc.

The system will promote all students, Seniors, that would be have graduated and are now Alumni. For example, seniors had the grad year of 2018 this year. All students with the grad year of 2018 were moved from a student account to an Alumni account. We do this so they don't keep getting irrelevant information but keep the school communication line open for the schools to proactively choose the Alumni account type to communicate with them if needed. Also, it helps keep eligibility filing less noisy for the schools to not show graduated students when searching to add into our eligibility system.