When signing up as a student, and a birth date that is below the age of 13 is entered, the student will automatically be taken to a screen that requires them enter a parent's email address. If the parent already has an account using the email address entered, the accounts will automatically link. If there is no account, a message will be sent to the parent allowing them to create an account.

When signing up as a parent, you have the ability to designate your child is under the age of 13. When you do, PlanetHS will create an account that will automatically link to the parent account.

Once either of these actions are taken, and the student and parent accounts are linked, the child is relinquished of signature requirements, and parents can complete the forms process on their own. When the child turns 14, the student must then meet signature requirements using the account created for them. The under 13 policy does not affect the states of Texas or North Carolina.