How do I link to more than one student?

The invitation process is the same regardless of how many students you need to link to. Each student account must have a unique email or mobile number associated with it.

The process for linking accounts can be found HERE.

If your students do not have their own emails or mobile numbers, you can adjust some email addresses to allow for Alias emails. Below is specific to Gmail accounts. Please consult your email provider for similar possibilities.

Gmail allows for the use of certain characters to modify your email address so you can create multiple unique addresses from a single email account.

Append a plus ("+") sign and any combination of words or numbers after your email address.

For example, if your name was, you could send mail to and still receive it and most importantly our system would consider these two unique email addresses even though they go to a single account. You could, therefore, create a fake email address for your student(s) that would allow you to continue in the account creation and linking process.