How do I deactivate an account?

Please note that deactivating your account will make it no longer possible to use the email, mobile number, or student ID attached to this account again should you need to create another account.

If it is a student account, and pre-participation forms have been started, these will be lost. You will also no longer receive notifications or be able to log in, and your name will no longer appear on school member lists, pre-participation overviews, or eligibility overviews.

If it is a parent account, all links to student accounts will be lost, along with the ability to access and previously filed paperwork on behalf of your child.

If it is a staff account, you will no longer appear on your school and any coach management certifications will also be deactivated along with your account.

To make changes to your account, click your name in the top right of the screen and select settings. Make any changes you need to and select save.

If you are simply experiencing issues with the account, please email to have a customer support representative make the necessary changes if you are unable to.

Log in to your account

Click on your name in the top right of the screen

Select Settings from the drop-down menu (near the bottom)

In the left sidebar of the settings page Click Deactivate Account (Last Choice)