The Auto-Approve Forms option has been enabled at your school(s). Forms PRIOR to today will still have to be manually approved.

The Auto-Approve forms feature for all future forms will work as follows, please note not all forms can be auto-approved:

Uploaded Documents- if a document is uploaded, you will be required to review each uploaded form to ensure the proper, legible form has been uploaded. History Forms- if a student/parent submits a form that has all answers set to NO, then the history form will be auto-approved. If a student/parent submits a history form with a YES answer, you will be prompted to approve the form to ensure you are looking at relevant medical issues for your athletes.

All other types of forms- PlanetHS ensures that all forms are complete before allowing a student/parent to sign and submit the form. Therefore, when all signature requirements are met, the form will be auto-approved.