How do I change my Home school?

Log in and click on your name in the top right of the screen and select Settings. In your profile scroll down until you see the school you signed up under. Erase it and enter the new school, selecting it from the drop-down choices. Click update and refresh your page.

If you are an administrator (Principal, Athletic Director, Athletic Secretary, Activities Coordinator), you have the ability to adjust the home school for any user currently listed with your school. Adjustments to this can be made in the Member List section.

Click Member List

Adjust user type filter (Teacher, Student, Parent)
Click on the user you wish to make the adjustment on.
Erase the current homeschool listed
Begin typing the name of the school you wish to move their account to
Select it from the drop-down choices.
Click update.

If you update the homeschool to a school other than your own, you will no longer have access to this student or their information unless they have already completed forms at your school.

By changing the home school of any given student, you are allowing the administrative staff of the other school access to that student's information.

If you need to add an additional school to the user's account, please use the Additional School field underneath the homeschool field.